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Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, Chaired a Meeting of the
Central Committee's Leading Group on Responding to the
Pneumonia Outbreak Caused by the Novel Coronavirus (Excerpts)


The meeting underscored the important instructions General Secretary Xi Jinping made on 27 January for all CPC organizations, CPC members and officials to play an active role in winning the battle against the epidemic. It asked CPC committees and governments at all levels to resolutely act on General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions and the CPC Central Committee's directive, put people's interests above everything else, and take decisive steps to effectively prevent and control the epidemic.

It was stressed at the meeting that prevention and control measures must be holistic, thorough and targeted. Further priority should be given to Hubei Province in general and the city of Wuhan in particular, and all-out efforts be made to treat patients and reduce mortality rates there. More medical attention should be given to severe cases in Wuhan's neighboring cities with relatively large number of cases. More should be done to curb the spread of the epidemic in communities and villages.

The meeting pointed out the need for manufacturers of protective suits, facial masks, safety goggles and medicine to immediately resume production. Domestic and international donations should be accepted and distributed in a unified and organized manner. Concrete measures must be taken to improve the supply of daily necessities, and coordination be stepped up to ensure vegetable supplies for key areas. Vehicles on emergency transport missions must be granted priority and toll-free access.

The meeting highlighted the importance of dealing with the potential risk posed by people returning from their Spring Festival holiday. To avoid concentrated travel, guidance should be given to employers to allow employees from worst affected areas and those without urgent missions to delay their return trips. High-risk individuals must stay home longer for observation. Hubei and some other provinces and cities that are most affected by the epidemic could, in accordance with law and upon approval of the State Council, take further measures as necessary, like starting businesses and classes at a later date.

The meeting asked the inter-agency mechanism of the State Council to follow the leadership of the leading group and coordinate efforts to address any pressing issue that might crop up, deploy enough medical workers and supplies to fight the epidemic and ensure the supply of daily necessities for residents, and make overall plans to increase relevant imports.

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