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Wang Yi speaks by telephone with Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah


On February 1, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke by telephone with the Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah at the latter's request.

On behalf of the Malaysian government and people, Saifuddin Abdullah expressed sincere condolences to China on the novel Coronavirus epidemic, and stressed that Malaysia will stand firmly with the Chinese people at this difficult time. Malaysia fully agreed with the World Health Organization that China has taken strong measures to deal with the epidemic, saying that these measures are really very effective. The Malaysian government has made a decision not to restrict Chinese citizens from visiting Malaysia. I believe that the epidemic is temporary, and China is fully capable of overcoming the epidemic at an early date. Malaysian citizens in China are in good health, and they have strictly complied with the epidemic prevention measures announced by the Chinese side.

This has effectively guaranteed their health and safety.

Wang Yi thanked the Malaysian government for donating medical materials to China and appreciated Malaysia's cooperation in helping

China to send charter flights to pick up Chinese compatriots in Hubei to return home. Wang Yi said, China and Malaysia are friendly neighbors, and we have always supported each other. When SARS occurred, the leaders of China and ASEAN held a special summit to send a strong message of regional unity to the world. We also highly value Malaysia's strong support for China in fighting the epidemic this time. China will take effective measures to provide necessary convenience to the working, living and health of Malaysian citizens in China, just as it does to safeguard the health and safety of the Chinese people.

Wang Yi said, China has unique institutional advantages, abundant experiences to respond to major disasters, advanced epidemic prevention and treatment tools, we are fully capable and confident to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. World Health Organization has repeatedly stated that China has taken firm measures and appreciated China's important contribution to world public health. WHO has always been full of confidence that China will overcome the epidemic. WHO has also made it clear that it does not recommend measures to restrict international travel and trade. I believe that Malaysia will continue to look at the epidemic situation in an objective and rational manner, and firmly support the efforts made by the Chinese side.

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