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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Speaks to MFA Task Force in Wuhan on the Phone


State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke with Deputy Director General Zhou Limin of the Department of Consular Affairs, who currently heads an MFA task force in Wuhan, on the phone Tuesday.

Wang noted that the task force has been in Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, since 28 January. Task force members have volunteered to go to the front line during these trying times. They have worked day and night for more than a week now; they are living examples of the core values of China's diplomatic service, namely loyalty, dedication and sacrifice. Wang hailed them as worthy of the reputation as "soldiers in suits" and sent his regards and appreciation to everyone in the task force.

Wang recognized that the task force, following the guidance of the central government steering group, has made strenuous and thoughtful efforts with the strong support of Hubei provincial Party committee and government. It has done its best to help those from Hubei and especially Wuhan to return home from abroad, assist in the orderly evacuation of foreign nationals, coordinate the delivery of international assistance and handle issues of concern to the international community. Standing in solidarity with the people of Hubei and Wuhan in this difficult time, the task force has carried out its mission with flying colors.

Wang cautioned that in this critical stage of epidemic control, MFA personnel at the epicenter have demanding tasks and a lot to deal with. It is vital to fully implement the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping and soldier on fearlessly to handle well the external aspects of epidemic control. Wang also urged all members of the task force to take care and protect themselves against the virus.

Zhou Limin reported that the task force has set up a temporary Party branch after arriving in Wuhan. All members have shown a fighting spirit and worked tirelessly in the best tradition of the foreign service. The words of encouragement from State Councilor Wang will inspire every member of the task force to forge ahead and do an even better job with everything they have got.

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