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President Xi Jinping Had a Phone Call with US President Donald Trump


President Xi Jinping spoke with US President Donald Trump on the phone on the morning of 7 February.

President Xi highlighted the all-out efforts made by the Chinese government and people to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak. Featuring nationwide mobilization, across-the-board arrangements and rapid response, it is a people's war against the epidemic with the most comprehensive and rigorous measures. Such efforts are producing results. China has full confidence and capability to prevail over the epidemic. The long-term upward trajectory of the Chinese economy remains unchanged.

Xi affirmed China's commitment to protecting the lives and health of not only its own people but also other people around the world. With openness, transparency and a sense of responsibility, China has kept WHO, the United States and other countries and regions updated, and has invited WHO and other experts to conduct field visits in Wuhan. As the first line of defence against the epidemic, China has taken timely, decisive and forceful measures, which have been fully recognized and highly appreciated by WHO and many countries.

Xi noted the continuing communication over the epidemic between China and the US. He expressed appreciation for President Trump's positive comments on China's efforts on different occasions, and thanked the various communities in the US for their donations. It takes joint efforts from all countries to contain epidemics. The fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak has come to a crucial stage. WHO has repeatedly given its professional advice and called on all countries to avoid overreaction. China hopes that the US will evaluate the situation calmly and develop and adjust its response in line with the actual situation. China and the US should maintain communication and strengthen coordination to jointly control the epidemic.

President Trump expressed full support for China's efforts to control the epidemic and readiness to send experts to China and provide other forms of assistance. The fact that China has finished building special hospitals for the patients in a matter of days is impressive. It fully demonstrates China's exceptional ability of organization and response.

Trump expressed confidence that the Chinese people, under the leadership of President Xi, will win the battle against the outbreak. He said that the US has confidence in China's economic growth. The US will be very calm in its response to the epidemic and continue communication and cooperation with China through bilateral and WHO channels.

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