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Premier Li Keqiang: Win the Battle Through Science-Based and Targeted Measures


On 9 February, Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Premier of the State Council, and head of the Central Leading Group on Responding to the NCP Outbreak, visited the Institute of Pathogen Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to inspect research work on epidemic control and extend support to the frontline researchers.

Upon hearing a briefing by the head of the Academy on research progress, Li commended the team for working around the clock to pursue breakthroughs. He said that to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on stepping up epidemic control, the leading group met several times to map out an overall plan and formulate robust measures which are now well underway.

Li noted that defeating the epidemic requires society-wide actions but, more importantly, a strong scientific underpinning. The best researchers should be pooled in a concerted effort to tackle the most pressing challenges of prevention and treatment and deliver a science-based and targeted response to the outbreak. Li highlighted the early establishment of transmission routes as a key part of science-based epidemic control. He said clear identification of the transmission routes would make our comprehensive response more effective and help direct the valuable medical resources to where they are most needed and can be put to best use.

Upon learning that clinical trials of selected drugs have started and more medicines were being developed to meet different clinical needs, Li said that effective medicines hold the key to winning this battle and are critical for raising the cure rate and lowering the case fatality rate. Li urged researchers in the pharmaceutical and other relevant fields to race against time, pool their wisdom, enhance clinical collaboration, examine the treatment solutions of cured cases and do everything possible to achieve breakthroughs in drug research and development.

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