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Xi Urges Resolute Action in All-out, People's War Against Virus


Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited communities in Beijing on Monday to inspect and guide response to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Xi stressed that Hubei Province and its capital Wuhan are the first-order priority in the ongoing response and pivotal to winning the battle against the epidemic. The success of the nationwide response hinges on Hubei, and the success of Hubei's response hinges on Wuhan.

Xi urged that all potential cases should be taken care of, every effort should be made to save lives, community response and service should be stepped up, public communication should be improved, and overall command for outbreak response should be strengthened.

Xi underscored Beijing's weighty responsibility as the nation's capital and cautioned against any slackening in its response. The municipal authorities must resolutely act on the CPC Central Committee's directives and implement every decision fully and down to the last detail. Xi cited the importation of cases and intra-city transmission as key risks for Beijing in the weeks to come, and demanded utmost efforts to stem the source of infection and contain the spread of the virus in the capital city. The immediate priority, according to Xi, is to take calibrated and coordinated action to address risks associated with the return of city residents after their Spring Festival holiday.

Xi also called for better treatment results by building on existing gains. Both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine must be harnessed and the most experienced doctors be brought together to develop effective therapeutic solutions that will further bring down the infection and fatality rates. Full preparations should be made for any contingency. Universities, research institutes and enterprises should pool their R&D resources to produce breakthroughs as soon as possible, particularly as regards reagents, vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

Xi reiterated the need to better communicate the decisions of the CPC Central Committee on epidemic control. This will foster a sense of solidarity, instill greater confidence and marshal a collective response throughout Chinese society. It is important to educate the public on science-based ways to protect themselves against the virus, and to encourage an informed attitude and rational actions. Prompt responses must be made to public concerns and media stories. Water, power, gas, heating and other utility services must run smoothly to support the normal functioning of urban centers. Illicit activities such as price gouging, hoarding and profiteering must be dealt with to the full extent of the law, and other issues in the epidemic response must be properly addressed.

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