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President Xi Jinping Speaks with Indonesian President Joko Widodo on the Phone


President Xi Jinping spoke with Indonesian President Joko Widodo on the phone on the evening of 11 February.

President Xi described President Joko's phone call, which took place at a critical moment in China's fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, as an expression of friendship and support from a comprehensive strategic partner, and he thanked Indonesian friends for their trust and understanding. Xi pointed out the need for China and Indonesia to jointly assume responsibilities as two major developing countries and get more things done.

Xi reaffirmed the epidemic response as the top priority of the Chinese government at the moment. China has leveraged its institutional strengths and started a people's war against the epidemic. The government has taken the most thorough and rigorous measures, which are producing results. The Chinese are a resilient nation that has emerged stronger from numerous trials and tribulations. The bigger the difficulties and challenges China faces, the more cohesion and fighting spirit the Chinese nation demonstrates. China has the capacity, confidence and determination to not only win a full victory against the epidemic but also meet its economic and social development goals. We believe that China will prevail over this epidemic and emerge stronger and more prosperous.

Xi noted that guided by the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, China is fulfilling its responsibility for the life and health of its own people and for global public health. China will work more closely with Indonesia and other countries to contain the epidemic in the spirit of openness and transparency and safeguard regional and global public health security. China will continue to take good care of Indonesian and other foreign nationals in China like its own.

Xi added that since the start of the outbreak, Indonesia and China's other neighbors have provided valuable support in various ways. This is a testament to great solidarity between neighbors in trying times.

President Joko extended, on behalf of his government and people, sympathies to the Chinese government and people. He noted that at this difficult moment for China, Indonesia would stand firmly by the Chinese people as a sincere partner and work with China to triumph over the epidemic at an early date. Indonesia has already provided a batch of medical supplies to China and will offer more assistance in response to China's needs. He reaffirmed Indonesia's readiness to work with China for more progress of the Belt and Road Initiative. He shared his confidence that Indonesia-China friendship will emerge stronger from the test of the outbreak and the bilateral ties will scale a new height.

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