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Wang Yi: Attacking Huawei Is out of Dark Intentions Sometimes


On February 14, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave an exclusive interview to Reuters Global Managing Editor Alessandra Galloni in Berlin, answering a question about the groundless accusations against Huawei by the United States (US).

Wang Yi said, Huawei is a one-hundred-percent private business. It has developed itself in market competition, relying on its own diligence, hard work and wisdom. The United States is employing its state power and mobilizing its allies to attack Huawei. The only reason that the United States is doing that is maybe Huawei is doing too well. The United States cannot accept other countries' businesses to excel and perform well in their economy and technology. The United States has its own dark intentions sometimes. It doesn't want to see other countries develop. It doesn't want to see other countries' businesses grow and succeed.

Wang Yi noted, the United States has been spreading rumors to smear Huawei. But so far it hasn't produced any credible evidence. As we can see from Wikileaks and the Snowden incident, it is other telecom companies that are doing these things. Huawei has publicly pledged that they could sign no-backdoor agreement with any government and organization if they so wish. Huawei wants to clear its name and show its transparency in this legal form. Isn't that enough? Why is there still the attempt to attack this company? It doesn't make sense. And it is immoral. Many countries, including the UK and Germany, have not been misled by this rumor. While they are doing their best to ensure the security of their telecommunication infrastructure, they are trying to provide a level playing field for businesses of other countries, including Huawei. I believe this is a practice consistent with market rules. These countries are making the sensible and right decision as independent sovereign states.

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