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German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Meets State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi


German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Munich on 14 February.

Steinmeier asked Wang to convey his regards to President Xi Jinping. On behalf of the German people, he expressed sincere sympathies to the Chinese people at this critical moment in the fight against the epidemic. The intensity, speed and effectiveness with which China has battled the virus are truly admirable. Germany will continue to offer support and help, and wish all the patients an early recovery. Noting that the new confirmed cases outside Hubei has been in steady decline, Steinmeier said this trend is crucial and comforting. We cannot let panic infect us like the virus does. Germany will stay calm and level-headed and carry on normal exchanges and cooperation with China.

Wang conveyed President Xi's warm greetings to Steinmeier. He said that under President Xi's leadership, the Chinese people are united as one and going all out to confront the epidemic. Good progress has been made inside China and the spread of the outbreak beyond its borders has been effectively curbed. To fulfill its responsibility for global public health security, China has made contribution and sacrifice with its epidemic response. Wang said that he has come to the Munich Security Conference to report to the international community the heroic feats of the Chinese people in their fight against the outbreak. China is capable of defeating the epidemic and confident about minimizing its impact and achieving the development goals set for this year. We appreciate Germany's support and assistance as well as its objective and calm attitude. Panic is more to be feared than the virus itself.

Wang noted that as responsible major countries in a world full of risks and challenges, China and Germany need to strengthen strategic cooperation and jointly safeguard world peace and stability. With a number of important events on the China-EU agenda this year, China is ready to strengthen coordination with Germany and work with all parties to ensure the success of the events and lift the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level.

Steinmeier said that Germany attaches great importance to its relations with China. It will work with China to maintain close high-level exchanges, enhance bilateral and multilateral cooperation, promote EU-China relations, and uphold multilateralism, free trade and the international order.

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