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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Meets WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus


On 15 February local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Munich on the sidelines of the 56th Munich Security Conference.

Wang said that virus respects no borders. The history of mankind is one of constant struggle against diseases and epidemics. When an epidemic strikes, rumors spread fast and easily cause panic. Those in positions of responsibility must step forward and tell the truth. As the leader of global public health, you have approached the outbreak with professionalism and a science-based, level-headed attitude. We appreciate your recognition of China's effective measures and your appeal to all parties to maintain confidence, reject misinformaiton and strengthen cooperation. No epidemic is invincible; this one is no exception. Thanks to the proactive efforts of the Chinese people, epidemic control is moving in the right direction. China welcomes the visit of the WHO-coordinated expert team and will work closely with WHO to defeat the epidemic as soon we can. The Chinese government will not only safeguard the lives and health of its own citizens, but also contribute to the cause of international public health. Our joint fight against the outbreak will reinforce mutual confidence and cooperation between China and WHO.

Director General Tedros agreed that as epidemic respects no borders, it is imperative for the world to come together in the face of this common scourge. I have repeatedly stressed that countries need to work in concert and follow a science- and fact-based approach, instead of each minding their own business or spreading misinformation and stigma. Given the array of misinformation circulating around the world, WHO has been in touch with companies like Google to help the public get authoritative information from WHO. WHO commends China for its tremendous epidemic control efforts and President Xi Jinping for his exceptional leadership and political resolve. China has protected not only its own people, but also people beyond its borders. The expert team will visit China not because there is a lack of capacity, but to show solidarity and cooperation. These important facts and China's efforts and sacrifice need to be understood and appreciated by the world. WHO will continue to tell the truth, stick to principles, stand firmly with China and do all it can to help. It has full confidence the epidemic will be defeated at an early date.

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