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Wang Yi: Strengthen Global Governance and Join Hands to Build a Community with a Shared Future


On February 15, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech at the 56th Munich Security Conference.

Wang Yi expressed, the outbreak of the epidemic has once again reminded us that our countries' future is closely linked. Global governance and international coordination must be strengthened without delay. On this front, President Xi Jinping put forward an important initiative of building a community with a shared future for mankind, calling on all countries to rise above differences in social system, history, culture and development stage, jointly preserve Mother Earth, our common home, and work for a prosperous global village in which we all have a stake.

The initiative of building a community with a shared future is inspired by the traditional Chinese philosophy that sees the world as one big family. It reflects profound thinking on the future of mankind and embodies a spirit of humanity; it points the way forward for global governance and represents the ultimate goal of multilateralism. It is a Chinese proposal on how to address today's challenges and has become an overarching goal of our major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics. China is ready to join hands with all countries and make unremitting efforts to this end.

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