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Wang Yi: Abandon Prejudices and Anxieties to Pursue Shared Development


On February 15, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech at the 56th Munich Security Conference. Wang Yi expressed, to uphold multilateralism, we should pursue shared development.

Wang Yi noted, multilateralism does not stand for putting any country above others. Instead, it advocates the equal right to development shared by all countries. If the West enjoys lasting prosperity and progress while the rest are mired in backwardness, multilateralism can never be truly implemented and the common progress of humanity would be impossible to achieve. Fei Xiaotong, a renowned Chinese sociologist, envisioned a world in which countries treasure their own distinct heritages, appreciate other cultures and promote shared prosperity. In the globalized era, only when more countries get to develop, can the international community be empowered and can there be more partners in our joint response to challenges.

Wang Yi pointed out, as a big country with 5,000 years of civilization, China's modernization, which is being achieved through the hard work and wisdom of its people, represents an inevitable trend of history. Given its national conditions, China will not copy the Western model. Given its cultural traditions, China will not seek hegemony even when it grows in strength. What we have chosen is peaceful development of our own country and mutually beneficial cooperation with the world. The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which has underpinned China's remarkable success, is brimming with vitality and leading to an even more promising future. The Communist Party of China (CPC) represents the fundamental interests of all Chinese people, and its leadership is supported by the 1.4 billion people of China.

China respects the choices of Western countries, and will draw on the experience of developed countries to work for shared prosperity. Likewise, the West also needs to eschew the subconscious belief in the superiority of its civilization and abandon its prejudices and anxieties regarding China. It needs to respect the choices of the Chinese people and accept and welcome the development and rejuvenation of a major country in the East, one with a system different from the West. For China's development and rejuvenation is an important part of human progress and embodies the colorful diversity brought by multilateralism.

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