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Wang Yi: Dawn Is Breaking and We Are Seeing Light Coming Through


On February 15, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech at the 56th Munich Security Conference.

Wang Yi expressed, the Chinese government's rigorous and thorough measures are paying off. As of 14 February, the number of confirmed cases outside Hubei has recorded a 12-day consecutive drop, and the situation in Hubei and Wuhan is being put under more effective containment. This shows that overall, the epidemic is controllable. The number of cured cases exceeded 8,000 as of yesterday. The case fatality rate has been kept at around 2.29 percent nationwide, and 0.55 percent outside Hubei. These facts and figures demonstrate that the disease is largely curable. Just as President Xi Jinping said, we have full confidence, capacity and determination to defeat the epidemic. Dawn is breaking and we are seeing light coming through.

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