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Wang Yi: China Unites as One and Wuhan Is Not Fighting Alone


On February 15, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech at the 56th Munich Security Conference. Wang Yi told touching stories of Chinese people united as one in the fight against the epidemic in his speech.

Wang Yi expressed, Wuhan may be the front line in this battle, yet Wuhan is not fighting alone. We Chinese across the country stand firmly with our brothers and sisters in Wuhan and Hubei. Let me highlight a few examples of our united effort.

Scientists and researchers, who have been working day and night, isolated the first virus strain and developed the test reagent in less than seven days. Hailed as heroes in harm's way, over 20,000 healthcare workers in 100 plus medical teams converged in Hubei, the hardest hit province, from across the nation to support epidemic control. Exemplifying professional dedication, all medical workers are saving and protecting lives around the clock despite the risk of infection and exhaustion from overwork.

Another group of people working around the clock were several thousand engineers and construction workers, who built the two specialized hospitals equipped with 2,500 beds in less than 15 days. Braving freezing weather, community workers leave no stone unturned in checking on every block to make sure that no family in need is left unattended to. Tens of thousands of volunteers are working non-stop to help deliver supplies and assistance to the affected regions. Overseas Chinese around the globe rushed to make donations in cash and kind to help battle the outbreak.

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