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Wang Yi Tells Stories of China's Fight Against the Epidemic: China's Speed Demonstrates the Strengths of China's System


On February 15, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech at the 56th Munich Security Conference.

In his speech, Wang Yi introduced China's the decisive measures China has taken to combat the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and the obvious results in details. Wang Yi expressed, under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government is engaged in a vigorous effort to combat the sudden outbreak of a novel virus. The 1.4 billion Chinese people are united as one in fighting this "war without smoke". We resolve to protect the city of Wuhan, protect Hubei province, and protect every fellow countryman who is struggling with the virus. And we are determined to fight and win this battle.

On the very day of the lunar new year, President Xi Jinping personally chaired a meeting to direct the outbreak response, declaring an all-out war on the epidemic. The government promptly established a national framework of comprehensive, inter-agency response. Premier Li Keqiang went to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, to inspect epidemic control efforts. From the central government to local governments, from urban to rural areas, the whole nation is battling the epidemic with resolve and self-sacrifice. Nothing short of the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough-going measures have been taken.

As many world leaders noted, it is admirable that the Chinese government and people have shown firm resolve in dealing with the epidemic. The high speed and massive scale of China's response are rarely seen in the world. China's speed, scale and efficiency all demonstrate the strengths of China's system.

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