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Wang Yi Has a Video Conference Call with Chinese Diplomatic Envoys on COVID-19 Responses


As the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) hit various overseas locations and showed a trend of rapid spread in multiple countries, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a video conference call at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on 8 March with Chinese diplomatic envoys to the ROK, Japan, Iran, Italy, Germany, France and Spain to understand the local situation, exchange information and make relevant arrangements. Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of the MFA Qi Yu, Vice Minister Le Yucheng and Vice Minister Ma Zhaoxu attended the conference call.

Wang Yi pointed out that under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping and thanks to the comprehensive planning made by the Central Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control and coordination of the State Council Inter-Agency Task Force, significant progress has been made in China's battle against the epidemic. This has not only safeguarded the lives and health of the Chinese people, but also bought time for and made contribution to the international efforts to deal with COVID-19. The epidemic situation overseas has been increasingly severe and thus high importance must be placed on preventing the risk of imported cases. Chinese embassies and consulates have done a lot in this regard in accordance with relevant instructions from the Chinese government and should continue their efforts with a strong sense of responsibility and mission to make further contribution to consolidating domestic achievements in fighting the epidemic and finally prevailing over it at an early date.

The relevant Chinese diplomatic envoys gave briefings on what the Chinese diplomatic missions have done in working with host countries to strengthen cooperation in public health, assisting local Chinese communities, Chinese institutions and Chinese students to protect themselves and upholding the legitimate rights and interests of the overseas Chinese compatriots. Wang Yi had in-depth exchange of views with the envoys.

Wang Yi stressed that Chinese embassies and consulates should maintain close communication with their host countries, provide timely updates on the latest progress and experience of China in controlling the epidemic, offer support and assistance within their capacities, and enhance cooperation in public health with the international community.

Wang Yi noted that Chinese embassies and consulates should promptly convey the care from the motherland to fellow Chinese living abroad, help them follow the professional advice of the WHO, overcome panic, respond to the epidemic in a science-based and rational way and properly exercise self-protection to forestall risks of cross contaminations caused by disorderly movement. By so doing, they will actually contribute to China's battle against COVID-19. All the Chinese embassies and consulates must bear in mind that the mission of the diplomatic service is to serve the people and should offer greater support and assistance to our overseas Chinese compatriots. Consular assistance must be rendered timely in any event of symptoms of infection and no effort should be spared for ensuring adequate medical treatment so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

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