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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi: China Will Do Its Utmost to Help the Philippines


State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke with Teodoro Locsin Jr., Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, on the phone on 15 March.

Locsin reiterated firm support for China's fight against COVID-19 on behalf of the Philippine side, and commended China for the progress it has made. The Philippine side has always believed that China will triumph over the epidemic, as the Communist Party of China has repeatedly led the Chinese people through difficulties in history. As the Philippines is now challenged by the epidemic and shortage of medical supplies and facilities, it is hoped that China could provide assistance and consider sending medical experts to the country. As the Philippines has seen, China always seeks to uplift its neighbors as it strives for greater development.

Wang noted that both China and the Philippines are now making every effort to fight the epidemic. China is following closely the situation in the Philippines, and wishes to extend sincere sympathy to its people. When China was hit hard by the epidemic, the Philippine government and its people from all sectors have rendered China valuable support. The Chinese side feels keenly for the Philippine people and will work with the Philippine side in solidarity to overcome the challenge. The Philippines is a friendly neighbor of China across the sea. China will do its utmost to help the country, and has decided to provide urgently needed medical supplies such as testing kits and protective suits and will actively coordinate the dispatching of medical experts. China is confident that under the leadership of President Duterte, the Philippines will prevail over the outbreak at an early date.

Locsin expressed his deep appreciation and promised to promptly report the heartening news to President Duterte.

Wang noted that given the outbreak in various places with multiple sources in the world and the worrying situation, countries must work together as a community with a shared future to pursue swift, collective response. As a responsible country, China will continue to enforce rigorous and effective measures at home, and at the same time actively share experience with other countries and help those in need as its ability permits.

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