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Wang Yi: Build a China-Arab States Community with a Shared Future Based on Common Convictions and Pursuit, Featuring Tranquility and Harmony and in Pursuit of Development and Prosperity


On March 24, 2021 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi received an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya in Riyadh.

In response to the reporter's question on what needs to be done to make the China-Arab community with a share future a reality, Wang Yi said that building a China-Arab states community with a shared future has become the goal and guiding vision for the development of our relations. China will work with the Arab states toward this vision through efforts on the following fronts:

First, China and Arab states should build a community with a shared future based on common convictions and pursuits. Both sides should uphold the international norm of non-interference in others' internal affairs, continue to support each other on core interests and major concerns, and remain close partners in pursuit of our independently-chosen development paths. Under the current circumstances, it is particularly important for China and Arab states to stand together against slandering, defamation, interference and pressurizing in the name of human rights. We should offset the impact of all sorts of uncertainties with the stability of our relations, enhance solidarity and coordination, oppose unilateralism, and defend international justice. We should uphold the UN-centered international system as well as the international order underpinned by international law, and jointly promote a new type of international relations.

Second, China and Arab states should build a community with a shared future featuring tranquility and harmony. The two sides should pull together in fighting terrorism, step up cooperation on deradicalization, and oppose associating terrorism with any ethnic group or religion. We should share governance experience, advocate inter-civilization dialogue, embrace openness and inclusiveness, and oppose arrogance and prejudice. We will build up our own capacity for security, jointly tackle security challenges and establish a framework for collective, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security in the Middle East.

Third, China and Arab states should build a community with a shared future in pursuit of development and prosperity. We should further synergize our development strategies and harmonize standards and rules to boost development in the Arab states and realize our shared dream of national rejuvenation. We should advance high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, deepen cooperation in such traditional areas as energy and industrial capacity, explore high-tech cooperation on 5G, artificial intelligence, aviation and aerospace, and make digitalization, health and green development new highlights in cooperation.

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