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Wang Yi Holds a Video Meeting with New Zealand's Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta


On June 22, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a video meeting with New Zealand's Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta.

Wang Yi said, as comprehensive strategic partners, China and New Zealand have neither historical grievances nor conflicts of interests. The two countries' bilateral relations have seen smooth development overall in recent years, with flourishing dialogue and cooperation in all fields. China attaches great importance to its relations with New Zealand and cherishes the mutual trust that has been established between the two countries. China is willing to work with New Zealand to carry forward the spirit of "striving to be the first", set an example of mutual respect and win-win cooperation between countries of different sizes and under different social systems, and make due contributions to the well-being of the two peoples and the regional peace and stability. The two sides should make good use of the upgraded China-New Zealand free trade agreement, speed up talks over the detailed cooperation plan on the Belt and Road Initiative as well as its implementation, tap new growth areas for cooperation like clean energy, circular economy and technological innovation, and promote the high-quality development of bilateral cooperation. He hopes that New Zealand could protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign companies, including Chinese ones. Taking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries in 2022 as an opportunity, China stands ready to enhance people-to-people exchanges with New Zealand. He also welcomes New Zealand athletes to participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Wang Yi emphasized, as the Communist Party of China (CPC) is going to celebrate its 100th birthday, an occasion deserving the jubilation of all the 1.4 billion Chinese people together, the Chinese side is willing to share the happiness and pleasure with New Zealand. Under the leadership of the CPC, Chinese people have made a great leap from standing up and getting well-off to becoming stronger, and created "two miracles" of fast economic growth and long-term social stability, followed by "another two miracles" in the recent period, i.e. taking the lead in reining in the pandemic and completely eradicating extreme poverty. Unlike some Western countries which pursued national development through colonization and exploitation, China realized rapid development through people's unremitting hard efforts and win-win cooperation with the rest of the world. The process itself has also brought important opportunities to the world. We believe every country has the necessity and right to find a development path suited to its national conditions and supported by its people. China will unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. China's development and rejuvenation add strength to the forces of peace in the world, and acts as a great symbol of the advancement of human civilization. China is ready to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation with New Zealand in the spirit of mutual respect, spur each other's development for regional prosperity, and further the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Mahuta offered congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, and commended China's achievements in poverty alleviation, sustainable development and COVID-19 pandemic response. Noting that New Zealand and China share a lot in common, Mahuta said, New Zealand is willing to face up the future with China by deepening cooperation in areas where both countries have already reached a consensus and stepping up communication in areas both sides disagree on, so as to push for further, deeper development of the comprehensive strategic partnership. She hopes that the two sides could take the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties next year as an opportunity to plan for the future of bilateral ties, deepen economic and trade cooperation, jointly respond to climate change and contribute positively to the regional and world stability and development. New Zealand opposes politicalizing the pandemic and is dedicated to scientifically investigating the origins of coronavirus. New Zealand hopes to hold talks with China on issues regarding Pacific island countries, and is willing to join hands with China to cause the meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to send a clear signal of combating the pandemic and promoting economic recovery. New Zealand is committed to upholding multilateralism, cherishes its values, and is willing to conduct dialogue and seek consensus on issues of common concern such as democracy and human rights across a variety of channels.

Wang Yi noted, the international community needs solidarity and cooperation now more than ever. China is willing to work with New Zealand to uphold and practice true multilateralism, and uphold the international system with the United Nations at its core and the international order based on international law. China supports New Zealand in hosting this year's APEC meeting and is willing to work with New Zealand to promote the meeting to send a political signal of supporting multilateralism, opposing protectionism and joining hands to tackle challenges, so as to make positive contributions to building an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future and facilitating economic development and people's living standard improvement in the Asia-Pacific region. The two sides can capitalize on their respective advantages to carry out tripartite and quadripartite cooperation and assist Pacific island countries in getting away from pandemic disruptions and recovering their economy. China is willing to strengthen dialogue and communication with New Zealand on how to address climate change. The investigation on the origins of coronavirus should not be politicized. All sides should expand the scope of the investigation in a scientific manner to effectively prevent another massive spread of the virus.

Speaking of values, Wang Yi said that China advocates peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, which are the shared values of humanity and the common aspirations of a majority of countries. Countries may have different ways of materializing democracy and human rights, given their different national conditions and development stages. It is the people of a country that are most qualified to judge if human rights are protected and democracy is preserved. Countries can exchange views on human rights and democracy issues for a better understanding of each other, yet such dialogue should be based on equality and mutual respect instead of a presumption of guilt. China is willing to communicate with New Zealand on these issues by appropriate means of all sorts.

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