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Pangasinan - Hundred Islands And A Hundred Flavors


Province of Pangasinan is located in the southwest coast of Northern Luzon of the Philippines. By bordering Central Luzon on the south and the east and being adjacent to the South China Sea, this province is endowed with geological importance. Situated along the convergence point, it is the gateway leading towards the Ilocos Region and Cordillera Region. It is approximately 170 kms north of Manila, capital city of the Philippines, and 50 kms from Baguio City, the summer resort in this country. Besides, it enjoys convenient water and air transportation by 70 kms from San Fernando City International Seaport and 80 kms from Clark International Airport.

Province of Pangasinan covers the total land area of 5368 square kilometres, accounting for 41.8% and 1.8% of the total land area of Region 1 and the total Philippines area respectively. It is the 14 biggest province in the country in terms of land area. This province is composed of 6 congressional districts, 4 cities, 44 municipalities and 1364 barangays. The total population is 2.43 million, equivalent to 58% of the population in Region 1 and 3% that of the country. Lingayen is the capital town and seat of provincial government.

Province of Pangasinan is relatively developed in infrastructures with matured land transportation. Reputed as one agricultural province nationwide, it enjoys vast land area, among which 239637 hectares (44.65% of the province's total land area) is used for agricultural production. Pangasinan Province accounts for almost 69% of the region's total rice production, and 62% of corn produced in Region 1 comes from here. 92% of eggplant and 78% of sweet potato in the Region are produced in Pangasinan. It also remains as the major supplier of mango, accounting for 41% of the country's total production.

Pangasinan is bestowed with extensive shoreline totalling 285.66 kilometres and rivers offer tremendous potential for mariculture and aquaculture development. More than 77% of the total regional fishery production in the Region comes from here. It is rich in Milkfish whose volumes in 2006 hit 67 million metric tons. It is endowed with vast mineral deposits in commercial quantities including gold, chromite, copper ore, limestone, shale, silica, clay, asbestos, phosphate, sand and gravel. The total quantities are already explored and the province welcomes foreign investment involved in this area. Pangasinan is rich in natural and historical tourism attractions. Among which Hundred Islands National Park is the most famous one known as one of the original Eight Wonders of the world.

Pangasinan boasts of more developed industries comparing to other provinces in the region. Agriculture and non-manufactured products include rice, yellow corn, vegetables, mango, bamboo and aquaculture products. Processed and manufactured products on the other hand, comprise of salt, buri-rattan basketwares, bamboo-based furnitures, bricks/clay tiles/potteries, cutleries products, sugar cane, fruit wine, fish paste, cement, processed milkfish, and feeds. Four economic zones/industrial parks have been approved, namely, Pangasian Industrial Park I in Mabini Municipality, Pangasian Industrial Park II in Alaminos Municipality, Sual Special Economic Zone in Sual Municipality and Eastern Pangasinan Agro-industrial Complex in Umingan Municipality. Sual Coal-Fired Power Plant, the biggest coal –fired power plant in the Philippines is located in the Sual Special Economic Zone with a combined generating capacity of 1545MW.

Potential areas for foreign investment include construction of commercial seaport in Sual, Upgrading and operationalization of Lingayen airport, mango processing plants, warehousing and cold storage for onions, fish processing, tourist accommodation facilities, information and communication technology, mass housing, cement manufacturing, deep sea fishing boat repair, export of metallic and non-metallic resources, industrial estate, eastern Pangasinan Agro Industrial Complex. Among them, construction of commercial seaport in Sual, Upgrading and operationalization of Lingayen airport top the all projects.

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