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Benguet - Salad Bowl Of The Philippines


Benguet is the roof of Northern Luzon. It straddles on the Cordillera mountain ranges. Mt. Pulag, second highest mountain in the Philippines, and Halsema Highway, the highest mountain highway system in the country, are located in Benguet. Today it holds claim as the "Salad Bowl of the Philippines" because of the huge production of upland vegetables.

Agriculture, small and large scale mining, gold panning, silver craft/ brass wares, gift and toy making, strawberry production, livestock and poultry, tiger grass broom making production.

Rural industries include silver craft / brass wares, woodcraft, loom weaving, handmade paper decors and novelty items, garment knitting; sericulture and fruit vegetable processing such as strawberry jams, fruit jellies, candies, and preserves.

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