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Kalinga - Whitewater Rafting Capital Of The North


A glance of the Philippine map will easily reveal the similarity of the physiography of Kalinga to that of a bust of a man akin to former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. The province's geographic feature is charcterized in the western portion by sharp crested interlinking peaks of the steep slope, isolated flat lands, plateaus, and valleys. The eastern portion has generally rolling, gradually sloping foothills. With interlocking wide tracks of flat lands and flood plains along its main drainage system, this rare geography interposes a great role expected of the province in national development pursuits.

Major industries in Kalinga are mweaving, rattan basketry, and banana chips processing in Tabuk; animal feeds prodcution n in Rizal; rattan furniture in Conner and Luna; gold jewelry manufacturing and coffee pre-processing in Tabuk, also the trading center.

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