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Mountain Province - Weaver's Paradise


Mountain Province is known as the "Weaver's Paradise" due to the presence of various weaving centers sporting different designs that bespeak of the province's cultural heritage. This was a province that practiced the traditional parliamentary/participatory form of governance as evidenced by the presence of the Dap-ay/Ato, a traditional form of governance led by the respected elders in the community.

The furniture industry is a growing venture in the province. Fixtures and furniture are made from raw materials like pinewood, bamboo, and steel. Bamboo and rattan basketry is presently diversifying due to product development. Backstrap weaving, an age-old handicraft, expanded to the use of loom. Colorful costumes are now designed for product lines like bags, purses, tapestry, ethnic costumes, blankets, linen, and fashion accessories.

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