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Consul Zhou Youbin Attends the Signing Ceremony between Hubei Province and Ilocos Sur


On December 3, 2019, to establish a sister province relationship, Mr. Zhang Weiguo, Vice Chairman of Hubei Provincial committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) signed a formal agreement with Hon. Ryan Singson, Governor of the province of Ilocos Sur.

The signing ceremony was attended and witnessed by Consul and Head of Post of Chinese Consulate in Laoag Zhou Youbin, staff of the Hubei Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Vice Governor of Ilocos Sur Jerry Singson, Board Members, and Mayors of the province, as well as representatives from local Chinese Community.


Consul Zhou congratulated and welcomed the successful establishment of sister province relationship between the Hubei Province and Ilocos Sur. Consul Zhou also noted that the agreement was the fourth pair of officially established sister provinces and cities in the consular district of the Consulate. Since both of the two provinces have a long history and culture, such agreement will strengthen the communication and exchanges of the two provinces in the field of agriculture, tourism, culture and education, and achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefit. He reminded that the Chinese Consulate in Laoag is always willing to provide support to strengthen the exchanges between the two sides.


Meanwhile, Governor Singson thanked Vice Chairman Zhang for his visit and expressed his hope to take this opportunity to deepen their understanding and cooperation regarding each other’s provinces. He then happily recalled his visit to Hubei Province, and welcomed more Chinese companies and individuals to invest and travel in Ilocos Sur.

The friendly visit of Hubei delegation in the province of Ilocos Sur was warmly welcomed by the Ilocos Sur Provincial Government and local people.


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