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Ilocos Sur Governor Ryan Singson: "We are with you"


Amidst the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Hon. Ilocos Sur Governor Ryan Singson expressed through the Chinese Consulate in Laoag to Hubei Province that, they are with Hubei Province in this difficult time.

Not long ago, the province of Ilocos Sur and Hubei Province entered into a sisterhood agreement where they promised to promote mutual understanding and friendship with each other and to actively carry out exchanges and cooperation in various fields.

Now that Hubei Province is facing the challenge of the novel coronavirus, the province of Ilocos Sur headed by Governor Singson, quickly showed their support and sympathy for their sister province.

As sisters, the governor stated they are standing together with Hubei Province in this battle of combating the outbreak of novel coronavirus. He emphasized that they fully support all the means being employed by the government of Hubei Province in assuring that all affected are being provided proper careas well as their efforts in finding and discovering vaccine that could cure those afflicted. 

Prayers for faster recovery of those affected and condolences to the families of the deceased were also conveyed by the governor and assured that the Hubei Province may always count on the support and affection of the people of Ilocos Sur.

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